Deposition Services:

Video depositions can act as an aid to compliment the standard depositions that are currently being done. However a video deposition unlike traditional court depositions can be scheduled and rescheduled much easier without unconvincing, the expert testimony or witness. It can also provide an exact visual record of the events, including facial expressions, and body language,that could not be previously recorded by court reporters.

A video deposition can also aid in an out of court settlement, due to the fact that you can visually see the impact of a testimony given in a deposition.

We currently use analog standard VHS video in compliance with the court standards. We can also tape record the session as well, for court reports. If you schedule a deposition with us, your service will include: taped deposition in mono audio format, in VHS copy. Additional copies are available for yourself or your opposing counsel. You can also request DVD, MPEG I, or CD (depending on the length) of the deposition for an additional cost. Please inform our videographer of the quantity, type of media and the length of time you need the depositions returned to you.

The courts are becoming increasingly aware of the importance for professional legal service providers, it is for this reason that Video Graphics requires all of our videographers to be certified Notaries for the State of Ohio. This assures you professionalism, and redundancy to swear in your witness. You can also be assured that all of our staff at Video Graphics will handle your case information with the confidentiality and professionalism the legal field aspects.

Aren't certain which media is right for you? Click here: Media Demystified will explain the difference.

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