Court cases are becoming more and more involved due to the nature of offenses and the kind of information and legal testimony that is required to make the right verdict. The court system is allowing attorneys and legal aid bureau to hire outside sources to assist in their court case. These outside sources can help you let the jury, judge and the people see clearly what the issues are and to provide detailed descriptions of certain events. .

Video Graphics provides legal video services in the Greater Toledo Area, Northwest Ohio, and Southeast Michigan. For many years we have been providing counsel with our video production services all over the state of Ohio. We have many services that are available to our clients, such as living wills, day-in-the-life, settlement documentaries, and computer created exhibits. Our videographers always work in a professional manner and we follow the strict rules of confidentiality when it comes to legal matters. We are dedicated to the legal community and currently work with more than 15 court reporting companies.

Our video depositions in Ohio are a great asset to any case because it allows you to examine, facial expressions and body language that cannot be reported by the court reporter. We will provide you with a tape that has the entire deposition on it and multiple copies are available upon request. We do require all of our video recorders to be licensed notaries to protect your case and our liability.

We also have trial presentation support services in Ohio. We have many extensive software programs that are designed to help attorney’s present information to jurors in a precise and clear manner. We can customize our services to suit all of your needs as well. We are a versatile company that caters to their clients and providing them with the court support they need.

Video Graphics is located in Toledo, Ohio, but we work in all of the surrounding areas as well. We take pride in providing high quality legal video solutions in Ohio. We will be happy to set up an appointment with you to further discuss how our services can meet your needs. We are a reliable legal video service business with over 22 years of experience.
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