Surveillance Video Services:

This type of service is helpful in court to show deception, misrepresentation, criminal activity, and/or fraud.

This tape can be a powerful tool for not only law enforcement authorities but attorneys as well. It can either substantiate or limit liability in civil suits and criminal proceedings. Many times the tape is the self-explanatory truth in instances, where testimony is conflicting.

Video Graphics has worked with many local law enforcement agencies, handling many different kinds of evidence, in many media formats. We're worked with police and local courts. We have dealt with many surveillance tape services including:

  • Duplication: This can be done with most standard media including: DVD, VHS, SVHS, and CD. If you have another media not mentioned, please call.
  • Extraction: This process includes pulling the images from your media.
  • Enlargement: This process usually done been digitalizes the footage unto a video editing system and capturing a frame and then exporting that frame to a photo enlarging program. We have had great success in enlarging images including: suspect faces, cars, and activities.
  • Media Transfer
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