MPEG I Duplication & Transfer Solutions :

We have high tech equipment to make multiple copies of MPEG I files . We have done every range of duplications. We can also transfer MPEG I to VHS, MPEG I to DVD(MPEG II), DVD(MPEG II) to MPEG I(CD) . We can also edit your digital or analog copies as well.

  • MPEG I: This is also a digital format. This can only be played on the computer, and is in a compressed data type, therefore the quality is usually weak. However it is convenient for programs like Sanction, and it also is used when the computer doesn't have a DVD-Rom. This type of data is written only on a CD, NOT on a DVD.
  • CD: Compact Disc:This is also a digital format. This Data format is very high quality, but very easy to alter, if copied to the computer's hard drive.This can be played in either a DVD-Rom or a CD-Rom. Higher quality.
  • MPEG II :(DVD Digital Video Disc):This is a digital format,(also called DVD) This format is very high quality, but very easy to alter (if copied to the computer's hard drive). This can be either played by a DVD player, DVD-Rom, however it cannot be played on a CD-Rom.


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Questions about Media formats? Click here: Media Demystified We'll explain the difference.

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